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AIM Full Service

AIM Full Service
finds the best candidates for all of your library and information staffing needs. Through continuous recruiting, screening and updating, we respond quickly and effectively with qualified people at the time you need them -- saving you time and money.


1. Call or email your job description. You will be contacted by an AIM Representative to further review your needs.

2. A search of AIM's proprietary database of pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates will be conducted.

3. A selected group of candidates will be contacted to confirm their interest and availability for your position.

4. Resumes of interested candidates will be emailed for your review.

5. After your review of the candidates, we will set up interviews with your chosen candidates.

6. If you choose an AIM candidate for a temporary position, they will become an AIM Field Employee. they will submit a time sheet every Friday for your approval and you will receive a weekly invoice. If you hire them on a direct hire basis, you will pay a one time placement fee.

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arrowTEMPORARY Download PDF for more info
When you are faced with work overloads, impossible deadlines, or short-term projects, AIM will provide you with qualified temporary employees. Whether you need someone to fill-in for a vacation, maternity leave, a special project, or while recruiting, our pool of qualified temporary employees are ready to work for you.

arrowDIRECT HIRE Download PDF for more info
Are you spending your valuable time bogged down in recruiting activities and interviewing inappropriate candidates? Wouldn't it be nice if the most difficult choice you had to make was which one of two or three great candidates you liked best? Working with AIM frees up your time and simplifies the hiring process. Work with AIM on recruiting for your next Direct Hire person and you will have access to targeted, qualified candidates from our comprehensive private database.

arrowCONTRACT Download PDF for more info
AIM helps reduce the hassle of turnover and training by providing long-term field employees who may be eligible for selected benefits. Our Contract personnel services allow you to have qualified AIM field employees  working in your organization for longer periods of time when you need continuity but have no budget to hire direct. We can provide selected benefits under a specific contract to retain contracted staff.

arrowLIBRARY MAINTENANCE Download PDF for more info
AIM provides the services of our field employees from eight to 40 hours a week, billed as a service. This includes routine activities such as cataloging, filing and library maintenance of a small library. In this way, you can have library functions maintained without adding to your headcount. 

arrowCONSULTING Download PDF for more info
Our consultants are experienced professionals who evaluate, plan and direct projects such as library development, accreditation compliance, automation, conversion, as well as moving and other needs.

arrowEXECUTIVE SEARCH Download PDF for more info
For high-level executive positions, we offer custom recruitment services. From nation-wide advertising to candidate screening, back- ground checks and selective interviews, a search package can be designed to meet your organization's needs.


When your organization has a need for more comprehensive recruitment services such as filling a large number of positions over an extended period of time, AIM offers a total recruitment package. AIM is able to handle all of the services of a Human Resources department in working with specialized positions.



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